The programmes as a part of the annual celebrations of the school in 2000 was later adopted by the development committee & natives and is now known as Kallara- Pangode fest or as “Magical Fest in the historical world”, is a famous regional cultural fest. From the last fifteen years after the mid summer exams the one week long fest begins with the PTA meetings. Thousands of people including the former students ,natives ,parents and students get together for the cultural fest. Programmes of students , parents and other artists are held on the main stage whereas exhibitions ,book fest , agricultural and industrial exhibitions and trade , amusement park,flower show etc are also arranged. We consider the fest as an opportunity to reveal the excellency of the school, the artistic and cultural skills of the students in front of the public. The school which faced a threat of closure is now excelling with more than 500 students in the UP level and survives as an example of the concept that schools and society are one and society adopts school.


    We have arranged several study tours via flight,train,ship,bus etc. we are the first to organise study tour by airlines for the students in the rural village in kerala. We have conducted study tour for about thrice in airlines. It was a memorable experience for the students who never get an opportunity to travel through sea and train. Journey by train are unforgettable experience for the students. We arrange regional field trips and one day tours at low expense for those students who are economically backward.

  • Good boy - Good girl

    Students who sign a pledge with parents and the concerned class teacher as witnesses, promising complete abstinence from drugs and any immoral activities will receive a good boy- good girl certificate from the school. the certificate will be taken back any time in the future when he student deviates from the promises made.


    Life Care functions under school Parliament Social Welfare Department which helps the poor students and to ensure the eradication of poverty in the houses within one km distance from the school. Along with the distribution of uniforms,study materials,food etc secretly for the students,they also helps the society. They helped many people with the money collected on poverty eradication day and also from the money collected by scouts and guides.


    All the activities of the school are controlled by different classes on each day.Under the guidance of the respective class teacher each class controls the school activities starting from the school entrance to the distribution of meals.Systematic instructions were given for students regarding their duties. On the basis of their excellence in performance marks were given and awards were given for the best class in each term.


    Under the leadership of sports club training is given to the selected students by the teachers during the PE hours.Sports club directly gives training for the students who shows excel in different sports items.


    Students were well trained on class basis for participating in arts fest and work experience exhibitions. Teachers provide required training for students to participate in sub district level competitions. The school won overall championship in sub district level competitions continuously and also won district level championship several times.Students are also encouraged to participate at least in one work experience competition .Grades obtained by each students are added in their progress cards.


    Each club in the school undertakes the in charge of celebrations on significant days such as environmental day, independence day reading week, Gandhi jayanti etc


    The teachers who were trained by the education health department and 'Mahila Samakhya' leads a help desk which helps to identify and solve various problems in students.